Wedding and Special Event Music

Add beauty and richness to your special event with music by a talented and expressive group of string players. Emily Thompson, violinist, and the professional musicians of the Evermore String Ensemble have performed in concerts, church services, weddings, funerals, receptions and galas throughout Northeast Indiana.

The ensemble is available in several configurations.

Solo Violin is appropriate for a small wedding or special occasion. The violin projects beautifully in a church, garden, or lakeside, with sweet, melodic tones. Having a solo performer gives you the chance to have live music in an intimate setting. The soloist is also able to collaborate with other musicians you may have involved on a wide variety of musical selections.

Violin and Cello Duo adds a wide range of musical possibilities while providing a small and flexible ensemble to fit any venue and occasion. The cellist provides the opportunity for not only bass line harmonic support, but a strong voice for melodic and rhythmic interest as well. For an example  of our duo sound, take a listen to the short recordings below with Emily Thompson, violin, and Martyna Bleke, cello. 

String quartet is the gold standard for weddings and events. Two violins, viola, and cello can play the full version of any piece with a glorious, powerful sound. Large weddings and receptions are best served by the traditional orchestral balance of the string quartet. 

Violin Duo and String Trio ensemble options, as well as professional musicians on wind instruments, vocals, keyboard or guitar may also be contracted through our ensemble.

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