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"Thank you so much for playing in our wedding.  We got so many compliments on the music, which were really intended for you.  It was really beautiful!"  

"Your music at our son's wedding was just superb. It was not overpowering, yet could be heard clearly by everyone as it echoed through the rafters of the old barn. Your talent is very obvious, and you are very professional. It is obvious to us why you were chosen by the wedding couple."

I have had so many comments on the beauty of your music." 

 "Have I mentioned lately how wonderful it is to have you and Jason and your lovely violins at church? Your playing adds such a beautiful richness to the music. We are so spoiled!" 

Add beauty and richness to your special event with music by a talented and expressive group of string players.  Jason Thompson and Emily Thompson, both professional violinists,have performed in concerts, church services, weddings, funerals, receptions and galas throughout Northeast Indiana. 

The ensemble is available in several configurations.

 Solo violin is appropriate for a small wedding or party.  The violin projects beautifully in a church, garden, or lakeside, with sweet, melodic tones.  Adding a solo performer gives you the chance to have live music in an intimate setting.

Jason and Emily Thompson

 Duo violins add both melody and  harmony.  The violinists respond  musically to each other, weaving intricate lines of music with spirit and grace.  Our duo is known for incredible blend and sensitivity, and having two violinists adds great energy to the sound, greatly increasing the dramatic effect.

String trio adds in a cello to supply the bass line.  Trio performances have the agility of the violinists coupled with the depth and power of the cello for a truly sustained and rich sound.  Cello playing also gives the grounding needed for church music or to accompany a vocalist.  String trio music features a full, rich tone in a small, flexible performing group.

String quartet is the gold standard for weddings and events.  Two violins, viola, and cello can play the full version of any piece with a glorious, powerful sound.  Large weddings and receptions are best served by the whole quartet of strings to provide the total orchestral string sound.

Other performers such as trumpet, voice, or guitar may also be contracted through our ensemble. 

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